How can I write more?

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Dear Julie,

Even when I put a full day of writing in, I only ever seem to be able to get a max of 1000 words down. Do you have any advice for upping my daily word count?


Dear Adrienne,

Eat more chocolate.


Julie x

…No, wait. That is BAD ADVICE. Let me start again:

Dear Adrienne,

For word-oriented people, writers seem obsessed with numbers! We compare ourselves to each other all the time. We look at how many words others write per day, how many books others sell, how many books others have written, how many hours a day other writers work, how long it takes other writers to write a book, how many pages other writers’ chapters have, how many words are in other writers’ books, how many main characters other writers…


Julie Cohen

I’m a Sunday Times bestselling novelist and creative writing consultant. My latest novel is SPIRITED. Twitter: @julie_cohen

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